We value integrity, accountability, respect

We operate our business to high standards, as a leader in agribusiness and a company with significant global reach. We begin with sound governance and management of our operations, and extend to include collaboration with our key stakeholders.

We develop strong partnerships with community organizations, NGOs and industry associations and believe that ongoing cooperation, information sharing and pooling resources helps achieve more effective outcomes.

Nutrien is committed to working with our stakeholders to enhance economic, environmental and social performance. We are guided by the following principles:  

  • Operating safely to ensure no harm to our people
  • Minimizing our environmental footprint, including waste, emissions and discharges from our operations
  • Conducting our business with integrity and respect while fostering a culture of honesty and accountability
  • Encouraging respect for the human rights, culture, diversity and dignity of all individuals
  • Being an active and contributing member of our communities

Sustainability Across Our Value Chain

We focus on sustainability throughout our value chain and have noted certain priority topics throughout.