Employee generosity shines on Nutrien's Day of Giving

Published: Apr 29, 2024

Byline: Community Relations & Investment – Courtney Troesch

Nutrien’s employees play a critical role in our efforts to fulfill our purpose of Feeding the Future. In our communities that means meaningfully contributing to causes that are making a positive impact. Our Employee Matching Gift Program empowers employees to give back to the causes and communities that are important to them.

Nutrien’s Day of Giving is a one-day event where employees can receive a 1:1.5 match on donations to charities and non-profit causes. This means for every $1.00 donated by our employees, Nutrien matches their donations with $1.50 (up to their annual limit). On March 27th of this year, 642 employees and Nutrien collectively donated more than $920,000 USD to 712 causes across Canada, United States, Trinidad and Tobago, and Australia! This is an incredible show of generosity in just one day of giving.  

Year round, Nutrien offers a 1:1 company match on donations made by eligible employees through our Employee Matching Gift Program. Through this program we can support causes that are close to the hearts of employees and their families. In 2023, more than 1,700 employees participated, resulting in $1.4 million USD in matching dollars from Nutrien to more than 1,200 causes.

In addition, Nutrien matches employee donations to local United Way branches above and beyond the Employee Matching Gift Program budget as part of company-wide United Way Campaigns. In 2023 the total pledged, including Nutrien’s match was $1.6 million USD.

The 2023 total donated between employees and the company collectively resulted in an impact of $4.4 million USD dollars back into our communities!


“Nutrien’s Day of Giving shows how generous and caring our employees are. Through the Employee Matching Gift program, we are helping to fulfill our purpose of Feeding the Future.” – Rose Lecky, Director Community Relations & Investment

Multiple employees donate to a life-changing bursary program at Bow Valley College (Calgary, AB, CA) and Nutrien matches their donations, creating an even bigger impact for the program to reach more students in need…The Nutrien matching donation program was the vital catalyst that kickstarted the Invest in Yourself Bursary at Bow Valley College, which supports students to achieve accessible higher education to improve their families’ lives. We have seen incredible impact year after year, aided by the generous contributions of Nutrien and other donors like Lauren and Eddy Cooper. On Nutrien’s Day of Giving, we harness the power of the matching program to make a lasting impact. By supporting causes close to our hearts, we can change lives and empower individuals to redefine their futures.” – Blake Adair, Sr. Director, Environmental Performance & Innovation.

In the community of Lanigan, three employees set up giving opportunities for the town’s Soccer Association, Co-operative Daycare Expansion, and Curling Club. Local employees rallied together raising over $23,000 CAD for these causes in their community on Nutrien’s Day of Giving:

“It was fun to watch the campaign results grow throughout the day! I feel such pride when I see the impact Nutrien employees have made on the future of our local curling club.” - Cara Holmlund, Executive Secretary, Lanigan Potash (Lanigan & District Curling Club – Chiller Replacement Fundraiser).

“A huge thank you to Nutrien for helping raise funds for our youth soccer program in Lanigan!” - Kevin Lone, Mill Training Coordinator, Lanigan Potash (Lanigan & District Soccer Association fundraiser).

“The special match campaign was the perfect way to kick off our fundraising for the Daycare expansion!” - Brenna Lynch, Project Controller, Lanigan Potash (Lanigan Co-operative Daycare Expansion fundraiser). 


Employee David Miles created a giving opportunity in the internal portal prior to Nutrien’s Day of Giving for a cause close to his heart; The Levi Miles Foundation (TLMF) named after his son, Levi, who passed away from a rare disease in 2021. TLMF was founded for the purpose of providing support and resources to children with disabilities and rare diseases, as well as, to promote acceptance and inclusion of all individuals within their communities. “Nutrien's Day of Giving made a tremendous impact on TLMF. There were several thousand dollars donated to our Foundation from generous employees. With the 1.5X match from Nutrien, the donations grew exponentially! These funds will help ensure TLMF continues their mission and vision of providing services and resources to children with disabilities and rare diseases. This includes our 2024 Initiative of raising funds to build our Certified Inclusive Playground. Nutrien's Day of Giving makes such a huge impact on charities like The Levi Miles Foundation.” – David Miles, Precision Ag Specialist, Nutrien Ag Solutions – Murray, KY


In 2018, a group of Nutrien employees partnered with The Matthews House to raise money and awareness for their organization that makes a significant impact in the Northern Colorado area in its mission to help break the cycle of poverty and abuse in the families they serve. They did it by running in The Wild West Relay. Since then, the Nutrien employee team has raised over $100,000 USD. And while team members have come and gone over the years, their purpose has remained the same. That is, to raise money and awareness for The Matthews House. This year, 17 employees utilized the functionality of the internal portal to host a campaign and raised over $34,000 USD.

Many employees who donate, also volunteer their personal time with the causes they care about. Employees are encouraged to roll up their sleeves and volunteer in their communities – when employees volunteer outside of work hours, eligible employees can earn up to $500 per year to donate to causes as part of the Employee Matching Gift Program.

The generosity of Nutrien employees and participation in our matching gift program is truly making a difference in your communities – THANK YOU!

If your cause is not included in our Employee Matching Gift Program, encourage your charity to register and/or claim their profile at https://benevity.com/causes. By registering, the cause can connect to a network of millions of supporters and purpose-driven brands worldwide.