Let’s Talk Science uses career profiles to connect STEM students to careers in agriculture

Published: Mar 21, 2024

image-20240321085650-1Brianna Lummerding was recently featured by one of our youth education partners, Let’s Talk Science. The organization’s career profiles give young people an idea of the many pathways people may take to end up in a career they love.

Through our community investment program, and supporting organizations like Let’s Talk Science, we seek to increase young people’s understanding of the importance of sustainable agriculture and encourage them to take action to support local food security, now and in the future.

In her role as an Agronomic Innovation Manager in the North Saskatchewan Division of Nutrien Ag Solutions, Brianna helps growers get better yields over time. “My career makes a difference because it connects science to farm operations so I can help them grow the best crops. Having up to date information is crucial as agriculture is ever changing.”

Watch for two more Let’s Talk Science features of Nutrien jobs in the coming months!