Sharing our Values

Published: Feb 16, 2024

The agriculture industry is a group that thrives on collaboration. And at Nutrien, we want to build connections and drive farm productivity, profitability and sustainability together. We’re excited to see companies from across different sectors, non-profits, associations and farmers getting together to move our industry forward.  

We collaborate with organizations that share our values, and advancing agriculture efficiency and sustainability is something we have in common with the National Black Growers Council. Since 2021, we’ve supported their efforts to improve the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of Black row crop farmers. 

The 1920 USDA census of agriculture counted 925,708 Black farmers in the United States, but that number had decreased to 48,697 by 2017. “Nutrien has an opportunity to play a key role in their Model Farm Field Day events again this summer. These field days are a great opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from each other, and demonstrate our latest innovations in products and services, including new crop traits, crop inputs, crop protection, irrigation, conservation, equipment, and technology. As we strive to feed the future, it's important to help expand the effectiveness, capacity, and competency of growers from all segments. This partnership provides us an opportunity to grow the impact of the Model Farm Field Days and share our integrated agriculture solutions and innovations with an expanding number of growers,” says Todd Pester, North American seeds Product Manager Senior Manager.

Learn more about the impactful work of the National Black Growers Council. 


Photo credits: National Black Growers Council