Time to Rise: Nutrien Is Feeding the Future of Industry in Saskatchewan

Published: Mar 18, 2024

Innovation and industry helped unlock Saskatchewan’s potash industry several decades ago – and Nutrien is doing its part to ensure those same strengths fuel the province’s resource sector for decades to come.

On March 15, 2024, the company announced a $15 million commitment to Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s “Time To Rise” campaign. It is the largest corporate contribution in the school’s history and will help fund a new campus that will include the Nutrien School of Mining, Manufacturing and Engineering Technologies.


“Saskatchewan is a cornerstone of the world’s mining industry, not only because of its resources but because of its people,” said Chris Reynolds, Nutrien’s Executive Vice President and President, Potash. “Many Sask Polytech graduates have pursued a career at Nutrien, demonstrating the importance of ongoing investment in continued education, and particularly in this institution, to ensure a strong pipeline of qualified workers to fill in-demand jobs that will advance our purpose of Feeding the Future.”

The Nutrien School will be part of a major renewal of Sask Polytech’s facilities and will become part of an “Innovation Corridor” located near Innovation Place on the University of Saskatchewan.1 The new campus will replace aging facilities in Saskatoon and introduce new technologies in a more contemporary learning environment.


“With this significant contribution, we are not just constructing a new campus, we are building a launchpad for tomorrow’s leaders,” said Dr. Larry Rosia, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sask Polytech. “For more than 40 years, the connection between Nutrien and Sask Polytech has been mutually beneficial and has evolved to become an indispensable partnership that plays a critical role in the Saskatchewan economy.”

Approximately 300 current Nutrien employees in Saskatchewan graduated from Sask Polytech and the school has worked closely with Nutrien to develop programs and training that meet the evolving needs of industry. The Nutrien School of Mining, Manufacturing and Engineering Technologies will play a vital role in preparing students for careers not only with Nutrien, but with the extended network of mining suppliers.

“We believe this commitment will ensure we continue to bring new people and new ideas to our industry,” said Reynolds. “As we evolve and introduce new technologies our business, we need well-trained people who can help make our operations safer, more efficient and more sustainable.”

According to the Saskatchewan Mining Association (SMA), mining companies purchased $3.8 billion in goods and services from Saskatchewan suppliers in 2022. That helped create more than 27,000 jobs in Saskatchewan.2

The mining industry continues to grow and to elevate Saskatchewan’s economy. According to Deloitte Canada’s economic forecast for 2024, Saskatchewan’s GDP is expected to grow by 1.1 percent – more than double the national average – in large part because of activity in the mining sector.3


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