Our goal is to lead the next wave of sustainability and innovation in agriculture by developing products and services for our customers that increase crop yields, enhance their profitability and promote good environmental stewardship.

Our approach to sustainable agriculture is based on three interconnected focus areas:

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture


Innovative Offerings for Sustainable Agriculture

We are driven to help farmers do more with less – finding the right products for a more efficient use of inputs (water, nutrients and chemicals) while increasing yields, reducing losses to the environment, and increasing grower profits.

Our offerings include more sustainable products, technology and digital tools, innovations to promote efficient and data driven agriculture, and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

Sustainable Products

We have invested in more than 1,700 proprietary products that include patented technology in micronutrients and crop protection. Stabilized, slow and controlled-release nitrogen fertilizers, such as Nitrain, N-Pact™ and Environmentally Smart Nitrogen (ESN®), can all significantly reduce the risk of nitrogen loss to the air and water.

Technology and Digital Tools

Nutrien Ag Solutions offers digital tools to provide customer account management, agronomic insights and hands-on customer support that drive economic value and can provide environmental benefits. These include Echelon® and Agrible. 

Innovations in Efficiency

We have an opportunity to impact millions of acres in collaboration with strong partners in our value chain. We selected positive return-on-investment solutions for growers that target improved environmental outcomes, and are piloting several projects to prove the concept so that it can be scaled.

Sustainable Practices

Nutrien has been a strong advocate of the 4R Nutrient Stewardship System (4Rs). Our Company is a leader in promoting the adoption of these practices through the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Certification for Retail facilities and the 4R Designation for crop advisors in North America, and the 4R Solution Project in Africa. 


Enabling Data Sharing and Improvements

Our goal is to increase the data and analytical capabilities for on-field sustainability information tracking and enable connectivity.

Agrible - Acquired in 2018, Agrible not only provides field-level predictive analytics, but it is also fully aligned with the Field to Market® sustainability metrics, enabling farmers to quantify their performance and pursue opportunities for continuous improvement. At the same time, Agrible enhances connectivity, enabling food companies and other value chain partners to benchmark growers and meet their own sustainability goals.



Incentivizing Sustainable Practices and Resource Conservation

Achieving resource conservation goals and feeding the world population are challenges that require us to move beyond the value chain boundaries and work with others trying to figure out these challenges. To truly achieve sustainable agriculture, we need to encourage the implementation of sustainable practices at a large scale. This approach requires collaboration at all levels, including government, regulatory agencies and international and local NGOs.

For further sustainability information please see our 2020 ESG Report.

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