Why it matters

Promoting equity, diversity and inclusive (“EDI”) growth across our value chain enhances Nutrien’s organizational strength, reflects the diversity of our stakeholders and creates more just communities. We are committed to providing all employees with a respectful and inclusive workplace. In addition to internal workforce efforts, Nutrien can create meaningful opportunities through its business operations to improve opportunities and equity for underrepresented groups. 

Our work on equity, diversity and inclusion supports the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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Our approach

We are developing a global EDI strategy for sustainable EDI success and plans that aligns with business unit and local area objectives. We combine the use of data-driven insights with a human-centric approach to EDI that emphasizes employee experience, purpose and belonging, and enhances external partnerships and opportunities across our value chain.  

Nutrien believes our supply chain should be as diverse as the communities we serve. Our goal is to give diverse suppliers and their communities the opportunity and support they need to thrive as vital contributors to Nutrien's success.


Our actions

Promoting diversity internally

We are committed to a Nutrien where we all belong and together we all grow. 

Nutrien’s EDI actions are guided by our Code of Conduct, Inclusive Workplace Commitment and Respect in the Workplace Policy

Our global Inclusion Council of senior operational and functional leaders from each business unit and geography is sponsored by our President & CEO. 

Diversity in our business creates value by aligning Nutrien’s business perspectives with an increasingly diverse customer base, building capability to operate in international markets, and enabling Nutrien to recruit from a larger pool of talent. Each business unit within Nutrien has a tailored EDI plan to identify and implement strategies appropriate to advance EDI forward in a way that strengthens our business. We are working toward more representation of Indigenous People across all job categories in Canada. In keeping with our “match to market” global strategy, we will continue working toward the attraction and retention of Indigenous and racialized people and veterans. 

We build inclusion capabilities internally through training and educational resources, leadership development and our Employee Resource Groups. 

Promoting EDI externally

Nutrien is committed to increasing participation of underrepresented stakeholders in agriculture. 

We believe our business environment should reflect the diversity of our operating communities. We are committed to supporting diversity through our procurement practices, with the goal to minimize barriers and eliminate biases to supplier engagement. For more information, please see our Supplier Diversity.  

We also go beyond our own supply chain and create economic prosperity and a more inclusive agriculture sector through partnerships and advocacy for inclusion. Learn More in our 2030 Commitments to Inclusive Agriculture. 

Last, but not least, we support EDI through strategic partnerships, education and training, scholarships, donations and sponsorships. Learn more in Community Investment


Engaging indigenous communities 

With a large operating base in Canada, we strive to contribute to closing the gaps faced by Indigenous Peoples, particularly in the areas of education and employment.  

We see an opportunity to leverage our corporate influence to build meaningful relationships and deepen conversation around reconciliation, offer equitable access to employment at Nutrien, provide supply chain opportunities in our operations, and educate our leadership and employees regarding the history of Canada and Indigenous Peoples. We also collaborate with Indigenous Peoples on community programs and advocacy and offer special training opportunities.  

Nutrien’s Indigenous Content Playbook is an evolving resource that provides guidance on how Nutrien incorporates Indigenous participation and content into our business practices and supply chain. We use the Playbook to support our suppliers in their own inclusion efforts. Learn More .  

As an international company, we acknowledge the diversity in the regions where we operate. We understand the importance of recognizing the unique histories of each operating territory and how it has influenced our contemporary context. While our past efforts have focused on engaging the Indigenous community in Canada, we commit to learning and exploring how Nutrien can contribute positively to EDI across our operations including efforts directed at increasing representation of visible minorities. 


Our legal commitments to ensure a fair, safe and inclusive workplace 

Nutrien is a global Company that is committed to compliance with the International Labour Organization (“ILO”) Declarations including the Declaration on the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work adopted by the International Labour Conference at its 86th Session in 1998. Working standards based on fundamental principles including a discrimination-free environment, the freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining, the elimination of all forms of forced or compulsory labour, and the abolition of child labour are paramount at Nutrien. Our commitment is captured in various policies including Nutrien’s Code of Conduct, the Supplier Code of Ethics, and Respect in the Workplace Policy

Nutrien is committed to equal opportunity and promoting diversity in the workplace, including all aspects of recruitment and selection. We recognize that having a diverse and inclusive workforce enhances our organizational strength and economic returns, creates a sustainable economic advantage, and reflects the diversity of our stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers and investors, and the demographics of the communities in which we operate.  

Our work on inclusive agriculture supports the following area of focus

2030 Commitments: Inclusive agriculture

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