Why it matters

We seek to make Nutrien a place where we all belong and, together, we all grow. We aim to provide all employees with a respectful and inclusive workplace. 

Our work on equity, diversity and inclusion supports the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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Our approach

We are prioritizing and building our Strategic Inclusion capability across our Company and value chain. At Nutrien, Strategic Inclusion goes beyond inclusion to include equity and diversity.

  • Equity refers to improving policies, systems and processes to create fair opportunities for all by engaging people or groups in ways that address potential barriers they may face.
  • Diversity refers to people with a variety of unique backgrounds, experiences, qualities and skill sets and includes factors related to age, gender, gender expression, geographic origin, ethnicity, culture, religion, disability and sexual orientation.
  • Inclusion is defined as bringing people together to understand, involve, respect and embrace the differences that make each of us unique.

Recruiting with a focus on diversity and inclusion

Nutrien’s recruitment processes are designed to attract and promote a diverse selection of candidates:

  • Nutrien’s inclusivity-trained recruiters participate in and host diversity-related career events to promote Nutrien job opportunities to women and other underrepresented groups.
  • Nutrien supports scholarships and internships associated with diverse groups including women, Indigenous Peoples, and people of different races in the areas where we operate.

Removing potential barriers to full participation

Each of our operating segments has developed an action plan to remove potential barriers and deliver on opportunities that align with Nutrien’s Global Strategic Inclusion Plan.

  • Across all regions, Nutrien provides EDI training for all employees, and targeted development programs and support for underrepresented groups
  • Nutrien’s talent development programs support the recruitment, retention, development and career progression of our workforce.


Reconciliation with Indigenous People in Canada

Nutrien aims to build relationships and invest in Indigenous communities in ways that advance mutual understanding and promote cultural awareness and economic reconciliation. Learn more.

  • EDI in our workforce - Nutrien is committed to inclusion across all job categories and supporting access for Indigenous Peoples to meaningful potential career opportunities in our operations.
  • EDI in our supply chain and industry - Nutrien believes our supply chain should also reflect our commitment to EDI and our core value of Inclusion. Our goal is to support suppliers appropriately in this regard as key contributors to Nutrien’s success.
  • EDI in our community and society - Nutrien supports economic and social equity of underrepresented groups through strategic partnerships, financial support and our Nutrien Financial offerings.

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