Why it matters

Promoting equity, diversity and inclusive (“EDI”) enhances Nutrien’s organizational strength, reflects the diversity of our stakeholders and creates more just communities. Nutrien has opportunities to contribute to more equitable outcomes through our workforce, supply chain, community relations and investment, and industry leadership. We are committed to providing all employees with a respectful and inclusive workplace. We aim to create meaningful impact by increasing participation, engagement and equity for underrepresented groups across our value chain. 

Our work on equity, diversity and inclusion supports the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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Inclusion is a Core Value. We continue to challenge ourselves to do all we can to ensure that inclusion is embedded in our culture, in our ways of thinking and ways of working. Our Strategic Inclusion Plan continues to focus on increasing gender diversity and match-to-market representation of visible minorities, racialized people, Indigenous People and veterans in our workforce.

Our approach

We are prioritizing and building our Strategic Inclusion capability across our Company and value chain. At Nutrien, Strategic Inclusion goes beyond inclusion to include equity and diversity.

  • Equity refers to working towards fair outcomes for people or groups by engaging them in ways that address the unique barriers they face. Equity is not only about policy and process; it is a mindset that, when developed and embedded within the organizational culture, allows us to identify equitable outcome opportunities, realizing tangible business value for all stakeholders.
  • Diversity refers to people with a variety of unique backgrounds, experiences, qualities and skill sets and includes factors related to age, gender, gender expression, geographic origin, ethnicity, culture, religion, disability and sexual orientation.
  • Inclusion is defined as bringing people together to understand, involve, respect and embrace the differences that make each of us unique.

The following summarizes our Strategic Inclusion approach:



Our strategy 

We are committed to a Nutrien where we all belong and, together, we all grow. Inclusive agriculture is a primary focus area in our Feeding the Future Plan. In 2022, we evolved our approach and launched a new Strategic Inclusion Plan to focus on our unique opportunities across our global operations and value chain to achieve equitable outcomes, address gaps and disparities.

Our actions

Promoting EDI internally

We are focused on becoming representative of the local market across all job categories in our workforce while increasing inclusive practices and our employees’ sense of belonging.

To further promote EDI, we are combining the use of data driven insights with a human-centric approach that emphasizes employee experience, purpose and belonging, and enhances external partnerships and opportunities across our value chain.

We build inclusion capabilities internally through:

  • Governance and policies: Our global Inclusion Council of senior operational and functional leaders from each operating segment and geography is sponsored by our President & CEO and chaired by our Chief Human Resources Officer.
  • Tailored operating segment action plans: Nutrien’s Strategic Inclusion team supports our operating segments in the implementation of leading best practices in EDI and in achieving their internal EDI goals. 
  • Accessibility: We are intentional in creating equitable, inclusive, barrier-free workspaces and environments where everyone can thrive as part of our Strategic Inclusion Plan and Culture of Care. We have improved accessibility in our operations considering disabilities and gender. 
  • EDI focused programs, resources and education: Nutrien’s talent development programs support the attraction, retention, development, and career progression of diverse talent. A few examples from 2022 included:
    • Nutrien Soluções Agrícolas Ser Especial (Be Special) provided career opportunities for people with disabilities to learn and develop social and technical skills. 
    • The Emerging Talent Program is a newly developed three-year rotational program for post-secondary graduates to build a diverse and effective talent pool poised for accelerated development to leadership and manager roles within our Nutrien Ag Solutions operating segment. Consideration when selecting applicants was given to age, ethnicity and gender diversity. 
    • Nutrien Academy is a North American leadership development program for women to help build business competency and the Women’s Leadership Mentoring Program in Australia helped equip professionals to transition into management positions. 
    • The Women in Trades Program builds a qualified talent pool of women for trades and technical positions, specifically at Nutrien’s Nitrogen operations in Alberta, Canada. 
    • Employee Resource Groups (“ERGs”) act as inclusion networks and remain active in the areas of support for women, women in non-traditional environments and roles, members of the LGBTQ+ community, young professionals, Black employees, and military members.

Promoting EDI externally

Leveraging Nutrien Financial

We offer growers financing options for purchases such as seed, fertilizer and crop protection. In 2022, we began developing an internal training program for Nutrien Financial employees to help participants better understand financial inclusion and embarked on an external informational campaign aimed at young and new growers to bolster financial literacy. Learn more

Engaging Indigenous People in Canada

With a large operating base in Canada, we understand and act on our responsibility to Indigenous reconciliation. We strive to engage early, often and authentically through a value-chain approach for positive impact on our own workforce along with Indigenous communities, economies and institutions. Learn more

Supplier diversity 

Nutrien believes our supply chain should be as diverse as the communities we serve. Our goal is to give diverse suppliers and their communities the opportunity and support they need to thrive as vital contributors to Nutrien’s success. We have established a supply chain Strategic Inclusion Plan. 

We work to minimize and eliminate barriers and biases to supplier engagement and leverage supplier diversity and supply chain accountability to amplify our impact by engaging and supporting our suppliers in their own inclusion efforts. We have a Procurement Diversity and Inclusion Procedure and an Indigenous Content Playbook that is an evolving resource to provide guidance on how Nutrien incorporates Indigenous participation and content into our business practices and supply chain. 

Community investment 

Nutrien supports economic and social equity of underrepresented groups through strategic partnerships, scholarships, donations and sponsorships. One new community partner that supports our EDI efforts is the National Black MBA Association.

Our work on inclusive agriculture supports the following area of focus

2030 Commitments: Inclusive agriculture

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