Why it matters

A responsible supply chain of business partners that share our commitment to doing business with integrity is essential to maintain our reputation and mitigate operational risks. It helps us uphold our values, build resilience, and address environmental, social, political or other factors affecting our operations.

Our responsible supply chain work supports the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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Our approach

Nutrien aims for responsible sourcing, including upholding human rights and supporting diversity and inclusion in our supply chain. We strive to build a responsible supply chain by having policies to guide responsible sourcing decisions, and are developing procedures to pre-screen potential suppliers and contractors to ensure they align with Nutrien’s values.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct communicates Nutrien’s requirements for suppliers of goods and contractors performing services for, or on behalf of, Nutrien.

Our actions

Supplier and contractor evaluation

We aim to procure products and services from responsible suppliers.

  • Contractor screening: We screen contractors twice, once prior to hire, and again before starting work. During the initial procurement process, Nutrien screens contractors for safety and environmental performance, integrity, and financial and cybersecurity risks.
  • Feedstock evaluations: We recently incorporated a stewardship assessment for suppliers of product feedstock into the supplier screening process. This information will be used to make more informed feedstock procurement choices pertaining to the safety and sustainability of our products.

Contractual obligations

Suppliers are required through the contract process to comply with our Supplier Code, which includes expectations for non-discrimination, a commitment to compliance with human rights laws, and the avoidance of forced labor, child labor, and human trafficking. We do not knowingly procure materials from conflict zones, which is prohibited by our Supplier Code.

Diversity in the supply chain

We aim to build authentic relationships with qualified contractors and suppliers and engage in meaningful dialogue about building and supporting a business environment that appropriately reflects the diversity of the communities in which we operate.

Indigenous Relations: We are proud of our journey to build on our foundation of Indigenous inclusion through procurement in our Potash operating segment in Western Canada.

In 2023, we achieved two targets:

  • 100% of our Master Supply Agreements with suppliers for the Potash operating segment included commitments to local Indigenous inclusion as a requirement to engage in our bidding process.
  • We spent CAD$324 million on contract opportunities in our Potash operating segment that directly supported positive impact with Indigenous communities and Peoples.

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