Why it matters

A responsible supply chain of business partners that share our commitment to doing business with integrity is essential to maintain our reputation and mitigate operational risks. It helps us uphold our values, build resilience, and address environmental, social, political or other factors affecting our operations.

Our responsible supply chain work supports the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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Our approach

Nutrien is committed to responsible sourcing. Our Supplier Code of Ethics ("Supplier Code"), supplements our Code of Conduct and applies to suppliers that provide products or services to Nutrien around the world. It includes requirements related to human rights, labor, and health, safety and environment, and others.  

We are also committed to supporting diversity and inclusion throughout the procurement process. Our procurement policies and procedures are designed to ensure that fair consideration is given to all potential suppliers.

Our actions

Supplier and contractor evaluation

  • Supplier screening: 
    We evaluate potential suppliers based on industry, geographic region, government interaction and expected annual spend. We use a data-based approach to assign each potential supplier a pre-tier level, allowing for identification of potential risks or benefits in line with our criteria before awarding a contract. 
  • Supplier performance management: 
    Nutrien’s current supplier tiers are based on annual spend, risk of interruption of supply and geographical footprint. Tier 1 suppliers work across our global operating segments and have the highest annual average historical spend and/or highest potential of supply risk and impact to our business. 
  • Product ingredient and feedstock evaluations: 
    Nutrien only sources active ingredients from suppliers that are certified by the local certifying agency where they are sold and/or distributed (for example, EPA in the US). 
  • Contractor management:
    Our operating segments have varying on-site contractor needs. On-site contractors must be registered and in compliance (that is, with an A or B rating) with ISNetworld, an online contractor and supplier management platform that collects and verifies key contractor information, including SHE performance. These standards are required by any contractor entering into a work area within a Nutrien facility. 

Contractual obligations

Suppliers are required through the contract process to comply with our Supplier Code, which includes expectations for non-discrimination, a commitment to compliance with human rights laws, and the avoidance of forced labor, child labor, and human trafficking. We do not knowingly procure materials from conflict zones, which is prohibited by our Supplier Code.

Diversity in the supply chain

Nutrien believes that a commitment to EDI in our supply chain encourages innovation. We are proud of the journey that has led us to a comprehensive and integrated supply chain EDI strategy with a clear purpose that is understood and accepted as part of our culture of integrity.

Nutrien has emphasized the value of including and supporting Indigenous-owned suppliers by sharing realistic sample strategies, goals and targets through our Indigenous Content Playbook.  


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