Why it matters

Ensuring that Nutrien employees feel valued, respected and engaged in their own success are essential factors in attracting and retaining the talented people who will help Nutrien achieve its purpose – to grow our world from the ground up.

Our human capital work supports the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

SDG - Goal 8

Our approach

We attract and retain our people by investing in the experience and engagement of our employees, developing the best talent, and employing effective succession management processes to safeguard the long-term achievement of our strategy.


Our actions

Employee experience and engagement 

Employees who have positive experiences at work are more likely to be engaged in working safely and collaboratively toward our shared company goals. We promote employee engagement by focusing on the overall employee experience: offering meaningful work and inspiration, providing the right rewards, ensuring mental and physical well-being, and giving a true sense of belonging.

Developing the best talent

At Nutrien, our success is possible because our people can grow their careers. Supporting the career development of our employees is a key driver of employee engagement and essential for employee retention. Each employee is empowered to own their career, with Nutrien’s support in their growth and development.


Succession management

Our succession management program enables the retention of talent, identification of talent gaps, and creation of succession plans, aligning organizational needs with employee expertise and career aspirations. Succession planning also provides Nutrien with a forward-looking roadmap to support continuity within our operations when changes occur.   

Our succession planning proactively identifies roles most critical to the achievement of Nutrien’s strategy and purpose, while further identifying a high-potential talent pool for the purpose of accelerating development and allowing Nutrien to proactively manage diversity into areas of maximum impact. For these critical roles, an internal talent pool and pipeline is developed, and an external market analysis is performed. For these critical roles, an internal talent pool and pipeline is developed, and an external market analysis is performed. Our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) reviews the senior leadership succession roles and candidate progression and developmental progress on a regular basis. We also leverage the data and insights from our employees’ career development profiles to better match employee aspirations to vacant roles.


Collective bargaining, unions and labor relations

Nutrien supports freedom of association and values, effective communication, collaboration with unions, and dispute resolution procedures for grievance processes. Maintaining positive relations with unions is important to our business. Our employees can join an employee association or labor union, consistent with national or regional laws and practices. We strive for productive relationships with the unions representing our employees.


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