Why it matters

Our cybersecurity and data privacy efforts are geared towards the protection of company assets and personal information. Increasing digitization and advances in technology afford us significant business opportunities.

Our work on cybersecurity supports the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Our approach

We are committed to staying ahead of evolving threats and establishing a culture of privacy and data protection within Nutrien. The protection of Company assets and personal data is a constantly moving target. We are continually adapting and increasing our protections to respond to the rapid evolution of the cybersecurity landscape.

Our global Privacy & Cookies Statement describes the personal information that Nutrien collects from or about individuals, and how we use and to whom we disclose that information. We also developed supporting policies, standards and guidelines designed to protect Nutrien systems, services, data and information, based on recognized best practices including the National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”) Cybersecurity Framework, applicable privacy legislations, and appropriate records management.

Our continued focus on and investment in our cybersecurity program has increased our overall system control maturity and decreased cyber risk in critical areas. We focus on the fundamentals: robust systems, cyber risk identification and preparedness, cyber response exercises, training, score cards and partnering with stakeholders.

We strive to establishing a culture of privacy and data protection within Nutrien, which means fostering an understanding of the importance of privacy as a fundamental right among our employees and stakeholders.





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